Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I like to read the Hellbender Press Newspaper and I saw a comment made by the Senator from Texas about Global Warming. Keep in mind; these are the elected representatives we have put in place to govern our country. These are the men and women who we have placed in extreme power. These are the people who are stewards to our natural wilderness's and wetlands. These are the most educated folks in our land; they got the highest marks in schools. They are our best. He says, "even if all of the scientific shenanigans to promote global warming do not work, and global warming does occur, it is not so bad because it will increase the growing season in cold climates, and the people who live in cold climates will thank us. As for the people who live on islands, well, they can move." got to apply the dollar logic to it. Unfortunately, the senator failed to consider another finding from geologic history: the last time all the glaciers melted, sea level rose 300 feet and at least 30 percent of the current land surface was under water, including most of Texas. I imagine the fishermen will thank us. We have some (real winners) in power in this country! Lucky us!