Saturday, June 16, 2007


This is Shade. I found her in the forest at Chilhowie Lake while camping off the boat last week. She was actually in the forest about half mile away from a public camping area. Her body was lean indicating she was starving. Of course, I picked her up after a little coaxing with Douglas's food. This dog is one of the most loving dogs I have ever had the pleasure of being with. She is like Velcro on me. It is said that they know and bond to the one who saves them. Maybe that is true. But Shade is exceptional in that area. She walks over and stands there with her muzzle laying on my knee. All she asks for is a hand to be laid on her head. She follows me everywhere. I am going to put effort to have her sit/stay and lay down. Her virtues are as follows: She is house trained (uses our dog door without prompting,) is super friendly and quiet, gets along well with cats and children, appears to be leash trained and walks calmly at your side on a leash. It seems she is about four years old. She is solid shiny black without a flaw in the paint. Shay has had her shots and vaccinations. She has been spayed only yesterday and was a bit lethargic today for the pictures I just took. She has a $150.00 adoption fee associated with her. The dogs that are saved from terrible fate receive only the best vet and feed from me. If any of you know of a good home for this gorgeous loving animal; please contact me through this blog or email me. My friends at Great Dog Rescue should have her pictures on their site as soon as I can send them. I get attached easily to these babies so I hope someone responds soon as I am tempted to increase my family with another permanent member. And look at those beautiful white teeth! Shade.