Friday, June 8, 2007


The sky is purple and black with yellow and orange around the edges. Thor's hammer strikes an invisible anvil somewhere up there, where it's vertical and dark. Long, sharp spears of light flash toward the earth as though thrown from black clouds that linger just above the tallest trees and gray granite peaks. The hammer strikes are repetitive and grow in volume as the lightning bolts become brighter and occur more immediate after the deafening roar of the thunder. The storm is growing near. Thor's lake in the clouds overflows it's spillway and the cold water pours down to earth as if a gray, wet, solid wall of liquid has descended from the heavens. The storm appears to be impenetrable. The thunder and lightning occur simultaneously, and the water fall intensifies. The purple and black sky appears to be moving toward the only approaching object in the vicinity. A shape vaguely appears on the horizon. It moves with grace, yet with determination. Unafraid it plunges into the depths of black. A halo appears around the front of it as it moves along at a brisk pace through the dark world. It throws out its own beam of light as if to push back the angry storm colors. The outline of it is not crisp as the fall of rain has all but erased the form and shape of it. But it preservers and continues it's forward movement. Water is thrown to the left and right sides of it, resembling aliquots fountains, as the machine increases speed to try to penetrate the wall of wind and water. It can not be stopped. Thor's efforts are in vain. Gradually the lines of it can be seen and its origin determined. It rockets out through the back side of the storm in silence. No loud boasting is needed. It's strength and determination has been tested. And the storm has been bested. This apparition is below.
Motorcycling is great fun but it is particularly enjoyable when one can ride with another experienced veteran. This gentleman below is Perry. He is a friend I made here in Tennessee. I trust him at my back while riding. He uses his head and not the throttle. I don't have to constantly look in my rear view mirror to see if a companion is riding too close or too far away. Perry is a perfect road companion. He like Kevin, whom you met here on the blog before, are road smart. They know what and how to do it and do it right the first time. Perry is one of the most "with it guys" I know. He doesn't care where we go, or how fast, or how long it takes. He doesn't care if it rains, or if it doesn't. He will stop when you do and he's ready to go when you are. He is sensible and knowledgeable. He's my friend. And I his............Proud of it!!!!!!!!!!
Perry is standing proudly behind his 2007 Harley Davidson Ultra Glide. Harley owners are proud of their horses. This Harley is Perry's baby and he'll tell you too. We stopped here to take a breather and to decide weather to put on rain suits. Na, heck with the rain suits. Boy, was that a mistake.....
He says; "yep, I think we're gonna get wet..
Here are two adventure machines. Or could it be trouble looking for a place to happen? This is an overlook on the Cherohalla Sky way somewhere between Tellico Plains and Robbinsville, NC.
This is a closer view of my friend Perry's horse. It's a 2007 Harley Davidson Ultra Glide. This machine is the flag ship for Harley Davidson. Perry bought his bike from me one day when he visited Smoky Mountain Harley Davidson and Buell to get out of the rain. He left on this machine. We were friends ever since.
No it's not Red's replacement. This girl is an evolution to a new day. She is bright with promise of future excitement and adventure. She is proving her worth today. A wonderful horse indeed.
Oh ya! We're driving right into a pretty good rain fall. Doesn't matter. Great Friend along, great machine to ride. What could be better?!
Everything is so green and sweet up here on the Cherohalla. It is a reminder of why I moved here in the first place.