Friday, December 26, 2008


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I got an inquiry about Almondine today. A lady who has a 25 year old daughter who is mentally retarded asked about her. The girl loves boxer dogs and asked if Almandine would show aggression if the daughter held the dog's head and petted it, lets say aggressively. I told her Almandine is a darling and is soft and sweet and she would have to try her out. Almondine could bring happiness into this girl's life.
A sense of sadness overcame me and I put Almondine in the truck and drove to an out of the way park and walked her. We sat down in the grass and she came to me and sat beside me, resting her chin on my arm. She stared into my face and I put my palm under her muzzle and held it. Such a sweet girl. I found her and saved her from death, nurished her and cared for her. She sleeps beside me at night and finds safety in my presence. She has given me her trust and love. And now her time is near to move on. I hugged her to me and I could feel tears starting to press behind my eyes. Just when she can find someone to trust; she is forced away to somewhere else. She is so innocent! As much as it hurts me, I hope she can forget me. I hope she will find love and someone who understands her where she is going. I wish I could forget her; but I never will. That's the hard part. Not being able to forget them. Almondine; good luck to you. Maybe our paths will cross again. Make me proud of you .