Wednesday, December 24, 2008


click on photo to enlarge I am caring for some dogs of a friend who is out of town overnight and I went up the mountain at six AM this morning to let the dogs out for a run after a long night inside. One of the dogs is kept in a large pen when not supervised. I walked him up the hill to the orchard and put him up for the morning. I turned and walked down the little lane that leads to the house, when I stopped. The moment was intense and I instantly revisited memories of lost friends; both from many years back in another place and time, and from not too long ago. It was just over there to the right, under those trees in the orchard where Pie, Pocus and little Verdan are buried. I pointed my light in that direction and saw the fresh turned earth indicating where Pocus was sleeping. And down just a bit lay Pie Pie. And then the little one who never got a start on life; Verdan. Tears poured from my eyes as I thought of them and their sweetness; their innocence sealed here, beneath this cold ground. Their beautiful faces never to be touched accept by memory. Oh; how I miss them! It is hallowed ground; this place. I turned and walked on and remembered an incident that happened 40 years ago in a far away place that caused the loss of two special friends. I couldn't get there quick enough to help them either. It seems life tends to lessen grieving by supplying more friends and other dogs. But my God its hard remembering the originals.!!! So hard!!! When you say you support our troops; say it with enthusiasm and pride. And don't ever chain a dog. It is the same as hell on earth to them. Better for him to be dead. Welcome him into your life and enjoy his innocence. My senses were filled to the limit in that orchard this morning. Total sadness overwhelmed me. But by the time I reached my truck; I turned and faced the orchard with a slight smile on my face and said, "I'll see you soon my good friends." "And you guys too, Sal and Chuck". I've never forgotten you. I'll never forget any of you. "Come on Douglas, lets get in the truck."