Friday, December 19, 2008


click photos to enlarge This has been an eventful week. Not only have I lost a great friend in Pocus, but it seems Happy has suffered a pretty severe gash in her shoulder that required medication and stitches. It must have happened when I took her with me on the canoe ride yesterday at some point. I didn't notice the gash in her shoulder until I got home. The lake is full of barbed wire and in some places razor wire and she may have come across it on one of our shoreline landings. I didn't notice the damage until after she had eaten. The vet could not sedate her for fear of her vomiting and possibly suffocating while sedated. So she had to spend the night at the vet. I had a doctor appointment myself and picked her up from the vet on the way to my doctor after work. I sure missed her last night here at home. She took twelve stitches to close the wound and I was shocked to see that she was wearing a plastic cone around her neck to prevent her from licking her stitches. Poor little girl looked so miserable. The nurse said she is truly one of the happiest little dogs she has had in the office. But Oh, what a burden that cone is! She can't fit through the dog door with it on so I have to be there to let her out. This could get interesting as the days pass by. She has to have it on until Jan 2, when she gets her stitches out. I will remove it when I go to bed as she will crawl down under the top blanket with me and sleep. She'll be fine while I'm with her. It's always something with dogs. In many ways they are like children, only better behaved. Well, at times anyway. But I love them and would do anything for them. I am deeply saddened with the passing of Pocus. His loyalty and dedication have been absolutely unshaken over the years. A truer friend and companion there never could be. His human has been fortunate to enjoy his faithful company all those years. I have only known him five years and his passing has left me devestated. As has Pie Pie's. I tremble to think what surely lies ahead of me. But I'll push those thoughts away. My guys and I have many, many camp outs and hikes and boat rides to enjoy together over the coming years. As long as the money holds out.