Thursday, September 23, 2010


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Today is sort of a lazy kind of day.  Ten minutes of mowing grass would finish up what I couldn't see to cut two days ago.  It's almost dark when I get home from work and impossible to get any outside chores accomplished.  I thought I would take a leisurely canoe paddle up some quiet water just for the heck of it.
It's been a good year since I've paddled on Abrams or Panther creek and Panther is as I remember.  The sun was out and it was hot for this time of year, over 90 degrees.  I kept to the shoreline where the shade lingered.
As usual, no critters could be found.  But, the scenery was wonderful.  It appears that the leaves are just now starting to get with the program for the Fall showing and hints of color can be seen along the water.
The reflective quality of the surface is as a mirror duplicating precisely all that is above.

 The following shots are of Bryozoans.  I saw them a year ago on Abrams Creek.  They were attached to submerged logs.  When I asked the old timers about them I was told they were frog eggs.  Nothing could be farther from the fact.  Copy/paste the following link to find out about bryozoans.
 Panther Creek is just inside the Great Smoky Mountain Nationl Park, as is Abrams Creek.  Special fishing apply and I'm delighted to see that flies are mentioned.
As I stated previous;  there is no purpose for this little canoe paddle ride.  I'm just keeping the skills honed and besides;  it's a passion of mine.
The water's surface takes on a multicolored texture to its appearance due to the reflective quality of the surface.
A quick stop off to shore and I'll explore some of Panther Creeks flora and fauna.
Look closely at this next shot
Aphids are eating the rotten, dead materials on this stem.
This is the first time I've studied this event.  I shall have to investigate further when I get home to the internet.
I haven't a clue
Whatever it is, there appears to be a nut like affair with four quarter parts each of which has opened to expose what I assume are seeds.  OK;  a friend just emailed me and told me the name of this plant.  It is known as "hearts-a-bustin' or strawberry bush."  Thanks Gretchen....
I'll try to identify tonight when at home
These are just a few of the plants near the head waters of Panther Creek.
I need to be back on the water.  This little excursion will be over by noon.  
The above shot is of Panther Creek at it's head waters.
I love those reflections
Well;  it felt good to get out in the canoe.  Next weekend will be a camp out for sure.  One way or the other I'll be on the water
Have to run.   Don't forget to look up the term Bryzoans.  Catch ya later.