Wednesday, September 8, 2010


This is not a usual blog entry but a new idea I have for making folks aware of some really fine adoptable dogs and puppies I have on the premises.  This blog entry will be linked to,  from, where the little guys are posted for adoption.  The link to this entry may be clicked upon at Petfinder and the viewer will be taken to the corresponding entry here on this blog.   A much better set of pictures and even movies of the dogs can be posted for those interested.  Movies, where possible, will lend a flavor of the dogs disposition, how active they are and even how they interact with other dogs, cats and people.   This is a very time consuming process but I feel a worthwhile effort.   The first dog to appear here is Vivie.  I can't explain how absolutely wonderful she is.  Vivie is about a year and half old and smart.  She will walk behind, beside or slightly in front of me when hiking.  She will not run off with the other dogs but, stays with me constantly looking up toward my face waiting for recognition.  Vivie is a first class swimmer.  She retrieves sticks thrown into the water better and more reliably than Douglas my Golden Retriever or Shade the Black Lab.  Vivie is a dog you can have fun with.  Really!  She can be enjoyed and she truly enjoys being with a human leader.  She sits, rolls over and comes "always" when called.  Vivie is high on life and a very happy little girl.  She is below.  Contact information is posted on or you can email me here on this blog.  All dogs are fully vetted, up to date on shots, heart worm treated, spayed or neutered and protected by Advantix or Front Line Plus.
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Below are a couple videos of Vivie swimming.  You will have so much fun with her!  She makes me smile and laugh.  What a super little dog!