Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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This is not a usual blog entry but a new idea I have for making folks aware of some really fine adoptable dogs and puppies I have on the premises.  This blog entry will be linked to,  from, where the little guys are posted for adoption.  The link to this entry may be clicked upon at Petfinder and the viewer will be taken to the corresponding entry here on this blog.   A much better set of pictures and even movies of the dogs can be posted for those interested.  Movies, where possible, will lend a flavor of the dogs disposition, how active they are and even how they interact with other dogs, cats and people.   This is a very time consuming process but I feel a worthwhile effort.  

The two dogs shown in this entry are Spruce (dark coat) and Chestnut (brown puppy).  They are the last of the litter belonging to Maple Syrup.  Both puppies are adorable.  The brown puppy is very laid back and acts much like the mother, who is absolutely the best of the best.  What a fine lady she is.  I have posted a couple short clips of both Spruce and Chestnut along with a few photographs.  Please visit Petfinder to view the write ups for both puppies.
 The first pictures are of Spruce:
Then we have Chestnut.   Chestnut is a shy dog and is very subservient in nature.  She is the brown puppy in the movies.  Chestnut and Spruce playing with Vivie, the Terrier.

And here's the proud mother;  Maple Syrup.  What a wonderful, loving mother and a great, great companion for some lucky person!  She's top shelf.
Bottom photo;  Chestnut and Spruce are in there somewhere.
Yes;  Maple's available for adoption also.  These are all fine, fine friends and healthy and eager to be loved and to love.  If interested; use the contact information on Petfinder's with the provided links at the beginning of this blog entry or email me from this blog or leave a note in the comments section and I will contact you.