Thursday, August 11, 2011


Shade did something this morning I have never seen her do or, any other dog for that matter.  I was ready to go to the lake at 5:30AM.  I let the dogs out as usual before putting them up for the day in the house.  I usually check out the state boat and truck before leaving just to be on the safe side.  While doing so, I opened the passenger door of the truck and the light was on.   Happy, my velcro dog, immediately jumped onto the front seat and laid down facing the door opening.

Treat Time
It was Shade's day to go along on the boat.  She loves riding the boat and bounces up and down in anticipation everytime I walk to the truck.  This morning was no different.  She was exuberent about going.  I would have to lift Happy off the seat and carry her into the house because she would refuse to get off the seat, as she has done before.  She even backs away to the drivers side where I can't get her.  She's in love with me and hates to be left behind. 
Shade jogged over to the truck and stood at the open truck door and stared at Happy.  She then ran toward the house and stood at the door.  I went to her and asked "what's wrong girl?"  She was unhappy.   I then carried old Sigh into the house for safe keeping, as she will not move or come when called.  I turned around and Shade was gone.  I called and called.  A flashlight was brought to bare and I still could not see her.  Why?  What was up?  I had to get going.  As a last resort to finding her;  I got on my knees and shined the light under everything I thought she would fit under.  I saw her eyes flash in the light.  She was back under the front porch as far as she could get with her back facing me.  Her head was bent toward her stomach.  She would not come out.  This is the dog that adores me and will follow me anywhere.  She sleeps with me and pushes herself against me on the mattress just to be close.
I crawled under the porch and held her and petted her head.  She would not look at me.   Many kisses, hugs and sweet talk eventually got her to come out but, she wanted in the house and not the truck.  The reason for all this is that she was hurt.  She was slighted when she saw Happy in the front seat.  She thought I picked Happy to go today.  That's the whole of it.  That is amazing!  Those are human traits, not dog traits.  One would think those actions would require reasoning.  She's a dog!  I know now that her feelings can be hurt very easily and I have to be careful.  Everything's alright now.  She's sitting beside me leaning against my leg.  Shade has grown in stature and quality since the passing of my golden boy, Douglas.  I don't expect her to fill his paw prints but, she's creating some very deep prints herself.

I felt uneasy when I left but, Shade was in the house safe with Sigh and Chestnut.  I could leave now.  Excuse me;  "we" could leave now.  Happy was still on the front seat of the truck.  Darling Happy!
I have never seen so many black vultures congregated on one piece of ground before.  They were drying wings and running back and forth from the water.  Vultures are clean birds, by the way.  They bath regularly after eating and dip their heads in the water to wash up.
Wow;  Look at em!
A better view from up here
Happy and I checked the lake to see if we could find fishermen to interview.  We did find three boats.  I pulled into a local marina to introduce myself and make friends.  The owners were nice folks.  I noticed the following as I walked back to the boat. 

All those mouths are waiting for something to eat.  Just look at them.  Carp.
The more I looked the more humerous the sight was.  I actually started laughing.
The day was uneventful, the water smooth and the fishermen were all great to talk to.  Happy was happy too.  What a great little dog!

The little bay above is normally deep enough to drive across.  Not so today.  The water has receded to a point where the outlet of the bay is closed.

There's no way to get through

I won't bore you with retoric.  This part of Cherokee is near many houses and a busy four lane.  I can't get excited about it.  I don't like the encroachment of people on a body of water.  Just don't.  People become materialistic near water and they want to own it.  They own the shoreline but, that doesn't seem to be enough.  They want to own the water in front of their homes.  Oh well;  it was a nice day.  Shade is fine now and Happy's, well, happy.  See below why I call her Happy: