Wednesday, November 30, 2011

AMERICA THAT I LOVE------You Better Wake Up and Fast

 I'm not a political person and I don't ever want to use this blog site as a platform for my political beliefs.  Some things I can not abide with.  This is one of them.  Who would struggle on a battle field to uphold laws for America like the one depicted in the below video?   Actually, the proposition depicted in the video is so ridiculous it's almost laughable if it weren't for the fact that it's real.  Think, think, think!!!
If you haven't watched this video;  you need to.  Put party preferences aside and just listen to it.  Ask yourselves if this is what I want for my family.  Guess what;   it goes into effect in 2014 and you'll have to learn to like it.
This is nuts! I can't believe an educated leader would even consider anything in this video for Americans. What idiocy! It's the most indecent proposition I've heard of. Rates right up there with mandating that pizza is now a vegetable. Well; I guess ya gotta look at who's doing the mandating. And, they're all in agreement about the pizza. We're doomed in this country.  If a new government isn't installed; the United States will be on an irreversible plunge into a black, bottomless abyss and will be destroyed. Wonder what it takes to wake up the population to this fraud we have as a president? He's a damn fraud! I don't care about Democrats or Republicans, blue people or black people or Martians. Look at this ridiculous representation of a president we are stuck with. Just look at him. He's not a joke. He's the most dangerous individual who has ever been entwined in the web of national government since it's inception. Don't listen to Rush Limbaugh or Shawn Hannity or Mark Levine. Forget them. Use the head you were born with and just rationalize the situation on your own. No half conscious American can believe this guy is helping America. He's destroying it. He's destroying everything that historical blood has been shed for. He's on an agenda of some sorts and it isn't to strengthen This country. I don't know what it is but, it's obvious it isn't to better the American people. The illegal immigrants got it made. Votes. The blacks of the country got it made. Votes. And, now we want to help Somalia. Ever hear of the Samolian pirates? Yep; Somalia is scheduled to receive billions in aid. "Welcome to the USA Samolian citizen." Votes. This is just a damn rant but, I hate to see the blood of our forefathers, and damn near my own, who sacrificed it all for the protection of this nation we live in and "shop" in, defiled and diluted to the consistency of alcohol. Maybe our congress could designate blood a vegetable and levy a food tax on blood recipients.
Better yet; levy a capital gains tax on blood "banks."