Sunday, November 6, 2011


It's another heavy fog morning and I'm waiting at a boat ramp on the rock quarry (Cherokee Lake) with six other fishermen, for the fog to lift.  The fog actually settled in heavier since I arrived before sun up.
I have many exciting endeavors lined up for myself in the coming months.  Winter does not stop me from getting into the wilds.  It only presents challenges not seen in the Summer months.
A topic at the top of the list is the gathering of information pertaining to the fabulous Alcoa lodge named Scona.  You can find posts on this blog related to Scona by using the search engine at the top of the blogs home page.  I intend to eventually create a single document complete with pictures illustrating the history of Scona. (Cherokee meaning land across the water).
Another very exciting event for me is the adoption of a six month old Golden Retriever rescue dog named Falcor.  Falcor will walk in the footsteps of Douglas, great dog of the lakes.  Falcor is young and will learn the ways of the wild with my help.  Until he matures, he will be a prince;  he will be prince of the lakes.  Currently Falcor is undergoing that necessary operation that all dogs must have.  He already visited the groomer and will start obedience school shortly after his operation (neutering). 
Falcor will be with me morning till night every day.  He will be in a canoe and on the state boat constantly, weather permitting.  It is imperative he listens to me and reacts instantly to my commands for his safety.  There are dangers for a dog on a boat.  Golden Retrievers are quick learners and sharp as tacks.  He has a long way to go before he can even begin to walk in the great golden dog, Douglas's, paw prints.  He will never replace the great golden dog, for Douglas was the love of my life, and still is.  That will never change.  Falcor is a prince on another page of history.

I will be making a major effort to photograph the monster Mink that I encountered on Abrams Creek this month.  The canoe will be the vehicle of choice to use for this project as well as a camouflage blind.  That Mink is a real monster in size and chocolate in color.  He's a real oddity and worth the effort to capture his image.

I'd really like to do another Christmas paddle on either Calderwood or Abrams Creek in the Champlain canoe this Winter.  If there is not too much snow on the roads and the old two wheel drive truck can make the journey over the mountain;  it will happen.

Those are the Winter projects so far.  Life is exciting and adventuresome for me and I aim to keep it that way.  I look forward to providing interesting information on this blog pertaining to things wild.  Thanks for looking in.