Monday, March 19, 2012


Above:  Baby bald eagle

Here's a total BS reason to kill eagles. I never thought I would ever see the day when bald eagles could be legally killed for any reason. When are these people "Indians" going to traverse the time barrier from 1755 to the current age of 2012? This is ridiculous and nonsensical and for the federal government to grant permission to kill the representative of our nation over some religious right is preposterous! Indians are supposedly educated now and absolutely know better. Most tribes have cannibalism in their tradition and heritage but I don’t see the federal government granting the taking of heads and eating human flesh. And furthermore - who the hell is the federal government to give "our" eagles up to anyone?
Not that my sentiments matter but - I will enthusiastically voice my written opinion to the federal government about this absurd ruling starting tonight. This is outrageous and I'm appalled that an American Indian would want to end the life of one of these majestic birds. I'd think they would be proud and protective of this magnificent eagle.  Rulings such as this are made by bureaucrats and  politician idiots who never set foot off the parking lot in front of the white house and could care less about two bald eagles.  Spineless, dangerous morons is what they are.  The story continues below with further examples of special consideration by American Indians:

Co-management is a term used to describe the government-to-government relationship between the state of Washington and the Indian tribes whose rights were established in treaties signed by the federal government in the 1850's. It is also used to describe state-tribal management of salmon, steelhead, groundfish, and shellfish in the Northwest. After nearly a century of conflict and litigation, the rights of Columbia River Indian tribes were re-affirmed in a 1968 federal court case (U.S. v. Oregon) by Judge Robert Belloni. In 1969, the court ruled that the tribes were entitled to take "a fair and equitable share" of the harvestable portion of the runs. The court also held that the state could regulate tribal fisheries only for the purpose of conservation, and that those regulations cannot "discriminate against the Indians". The rights of Puget Sound Indian tribes were re-affirmed in a 1974 federal court case (U.S. v. Washington) by U.S. District Court Judge George Boldt. The order determined, among other things, that the tribes have a right to harvest up to 50 percent of the harvestable surplus of fish within the tribes' usual and accustomed fishing areas.
The idiocy and hypocrisy of the eagle situation can be see in two news clips, one proclaiming how they are protected and the other explaining that the Indians are being given special permission to kill some:
The next one tries to downplay it, with the bulk of the article saying how concerned the government is to save the eagles. But it finally says they're letting the Indians kill two of them for feather waving practices. The article takes us all for fools:  Furthermore - there are two dead eagles shot by morons in the freezers at TWRA.  Why not give them to the Indians?  They're already dead.  This is all nonsense!

Bald Eagles belong to me.  Yes - Me!  And you.  The Indians don't have a monopoly on them.  They are OURS, Damn it!  And I don't want them killed for any reason!