Thursday, March 22, 2012


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An hour and a half drive to Tellico Lake found the water blown by wind.  I can't win.  There wasn't a breeze where I live, East of Tellico Lake, when I drove away from the house.  The goal was to paddle across Tellico and enter Citico Creek and photograph wood ducks.  This is the second foiled attempt to paddle a canoe over there.  When I lived in Greenback I was only 15 minutes from the lake and if conditions weren't good - I would simply drive back home and load up the dogs for an outing at the ruins.
Chilhowee Lake
I live so many miles away, now, that the day is over by the time I drive back west to my favorite lakes and return again.  Its almost too late to start a new outing after returning.  There's no place to take the dogs over here anyhow. Chilhowee and Tellico Lakes are in series - that is to say that Chilhowee empties into Tellico Lake.   I left Shade home and had no other motivations without her.  I turned around and drove back to Jefferson City where I live.  What a let down!  I'm of a mind to hang the canoe under the porch and forget it.  Everyone says to me "Cherokee and Douglas Lakes are two miles from you - just paddle on them.  
An important part of canoeing for me is the scenery as I paddle along.  The expectation of seeing wildlife to photograph is also part of the purpose.  No matter how hard I try I can't force myself to paddle on either Cherokee (rock and stone quarry) or Douglas (mud bank city).  To me they both are depressing places.  
Douglas Lake yesterday.  Note the debris floating.  Sweet!

They are good for fishing and that's about it.  I find absolutely nothing beautiful on either lake.  Even the black vulture population is small as there isn't anything on either lake to die for them to eat.  People, people and more people.  Bass boats, pleasure boats and jet skis.  Yes, they have a few bald eagles that can be seen from time to time but, the sightings are rare.  I believe the Gheenoe is going to get a workout this Summer.
"I told him not to go without me today but, he wouldn't listen."
"Its OK Dad - I understand and I love ya."
"Love you too, Shade."