Friday, March 2, 2012


What on earth is wrong with the human species that plagues this planet?  These outrageous acts can't be blamed on lack of education.  Education has nothing to do with it.  This is wanton killing for the sake of killing. Its about core family values.  Yep - its the way they were raised.  Uncaring good ole boys breed uncaring good ole kids that grow up to be uncaring good ole men.  The lot of them combined are a danger to all things wild, and that are stray.  These people think its fun to take the life of this magnificent bird.  I don't know why so many rural Tennesseans have this preoccupation with killing animals.  It gives the impression that they think animals exist solely for the purpose of shooting them. "Its my heritage" is usually the statement given for killing.  Now, that is an uneducated excuse. The killing of these eagles is outrageous and shameful.  I don't want to paint "all" Tennesseans with the same brush but, there is an enormous smattering of the Tennessee species of human that has no respect for wildlife.  Dogs, cats, raptors, vultures - you name it.  Those creatures are all in peril when they fall within the radar of these trusty good ole boys.  Its sickening and disgusting.   Humans - they all need watched.  They all need monitored when in the wilderness.  None of them want that and it seems invasive but, it has to be done.  Humans, it appears, just can't control themselves in the wild places.  They have to assert they're influences on the lesser creatures who reside there. They just can't " let it be."  It verifies my thoughts on which entity is really the lesser being.
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