Friday, August 10, 2012

THE WILD TURKEY - almost our countries representative

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Early morning is the best time to be on a lake.  Quiet, sweet smells and peace are welcome companions.

 The hen turkey was just standing there on top the log.  Odd, I thought.  I went into my usual stealth mode and tried to approach her.  I was fooling no one.  She had her eye on me from the moment the boat rounded the bend and entered the little cove.

I had been on the water since 6:30 AM and rain had just started to fall at 10 AM.  This cove would be the last place I'd check for anglers in boats.  I only found one fisherman this morning but he had his limit of crappie's.  It looked like a storm was brewing but storms weren't predicted until tonight.  It was apparent where the rain was, however.
This turkey was hard to figure.  They don't usually just hang around when humans are in their faces.  She soon had enough of my shenanigans.   Off the log she hopped but, she still hung tight to that log.

Then I saw why she was not running away.  The tall grass started moving in front of the log.  Little brown bodies with necks stretched out and low to the ground were rapidly running along toward the forest.  They were her babies and there were many of them.  I couldn't get focused on them.  They were too well hidden in the grass.  The best I could do was catch a glimpse of them here and there.

Everyone was gone in an instant.  Its interesting to know that Benjamin Franklin recommended to congress that the wild turkey be designated the bird to represent America.  The bald eagle won out though.  The turkey would have been a good choice too.  
OK - here's the ducks of the day:

This was proving to be a very slow day on the lake.  I would soon load up the boat and go to our work center at Buffalo Springs to finish out the morning.  How about a few flowers?  Flowers are cool.  I'm a diverse kind of guy so, here's some flowers.  Thanks for checking out the blog.

Let the beautiful things in nature enter your life.  Embrace nature.  Your life will be profoundly affected.  Hope you enjoyed my morning.