Saturday, August 11, 2012

JUST PICTURES-Nothing special

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Eyes that see all.  They miss nothing.  She sees clear through to my soul, via my heart.  The above shot could also be construed to mean, "Go ahead - make my day."

I was scheduled to run on a section of lake that I hate.  Its full of pleasure boaters and rough water because of them.  Jet skis would be plentiful.  I decided to leave Shade home as there wouldn't be many opportunities to beach the boat as all the shoreline is private property.  That's a shame!  I had everything lined up to go.  I grabbed my hat and sun glasses.  Maybe I could sneak out without shade knowing.  What a dirty trick!  I took my hat off and sat down.  I was still upstairs.   She was "down there" somewhere.  In my lowest voice, almost a whisper, I said her name.  "Shade."  I said it again just a bit higher than a whisper.  "Shade."  I could hear her footsteps coming across the living room and come up the stairs.  She came over to me and looked straight into my face as if to say, "I'm ready to go."
Shade would do anything just to be with me.  I looked into her eyes and that was that.  She was imploring me to take her along today.  We walked down the stairs together and headed for the truck.  I can't deny her.

There is, however, about a mile at the top end of my area for the day that is sort of void of houses. There are a couple coves up there that usually contain green herons and an occasional osprey.  We had to pass it to get to my starting point on the lake.  I was early so we headed on over.

I mentioned earlier that the shots for this blog entry are just photo opportunities that I took advantage of.  I don't consider any of them great photos.  They're just photos.  Some are the result of great luck with the camera.  
 Double Crested Cormorants

"Where you guys goin?"
"Nobody tells me nothin - ever".
 An osprey blasted past me.  He came up from behind.  The camera was on the seat beside me and I pulled it to my eye and pressed the shutter when I saw his blur in the viewfinder.  I simultaneously rolled the shutter speed dial five clicks for more shutter speed.  
The shots came out.  Its a rare occurrence to have the luxury of having the time to set up a camera for that perfect shot when on a boat - especially a big white boat.  Big white boats are not welcome in the secretive world of wild birds, or anything else wild.  
Green herons have quickly become one of my favorite wild friends.  At first I couldn't find them.  As I read more about them and found out their habits and where to look, they became more visible to me.  I find that these little gremlins are very individualistic.  Each one has his unique personal way of accomplishing things.  I've used binoculars to watch them go through their daily routines.  When hunting, some ease along the shoreline cautiously with neck stretched out, one eye on the water until dinner is spotted.  Others walk vertical, stopping frequently to stretch their necks out over the edge where water meets the shore line.  When game is spotted they freeze - then suddenly plunge their heads toward the water, bill submerged, stopping short of their head going under.  Usually the bill is withdrawn with a minnow clasped tightly.

Wonder if birds can constantly see their own beaks.  They can't rotate their eyes left and right.  They have to move their heads in the direction they desire to look in unless its directly to the side.  If they can see their beak - I wonder if its in focus.  Too much time to think.

I almost missed the shot above because I didn't anticipate the birds launch.  I couldn't do better anyhow as there wasn't enough light back in that cove to support a faster shutter speed.

 Another osprey wings past and I have to scramble to make the shot.

 I anticipated this birds launch perfectly.
When shooting birds I like to keep the bird in the view finder on the opposite side the bird is facing so that when he jumps into flight he has to cross the empty space in the view finder which gives me that split second of time to make an unhurried shutter release.
Check this osprey below.  Yes - yet another one.

The osprey above is a full grown raptor weighing about 3.5 pounds.  The fish hes carrying probably is half his weight.  Ospreys are a powerful flying and fishing machine and strong willed.
Above:  Another kind of machine.  An eating machine.  Note the cow lick at the base of her tail.  My baby!
Below is an old farm silo.  I have posted a few shots of this silo on some previous blog entry.  I got to talk to the daughter of the man who owns this property today.  I told her I'd love to see the inside.  She was so nice and offered to take me inside today.  I declined as I had Shade along.  She said the silo has a spiral stair case leading to the top and is equipped with a full kitchen, bath, laundry and bedroom.  Wow!  I told her I though it was the most unique building I ever saw.  She said she would relay my sentiments to her father. t I will get photos of the inside soon.

That's it for today.  I've got some really nice outings planned for the near future.  Tomorrow I'm running on exactly the same water I did today.  Yuk!  Shade will stay home in the cool house.  It was hard on her today as I couldn't stop the boat for her very often.  Hope you enjoyed some of the pictures.  I normally wouldn't have posted them as the quality is less than I like but, I had nothing else to do tonight.  See you later and thanks for looking in.
Oh, I almost forgot.  Talk about a wing shot!  Look below.  Absolutely pure luck photographing this rocket ship.  The kingfisher at warp speed.