Wednesday, August 15, 2012


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The water on the main lake was suddenly whipped into white caps and the sky darkened.  I pulled into this little protected cove for awhile until I could figure out if it was a storm or just a passing shower.  The sudden breeze felt good blowing against my face.  I didn't see lightning but heard thunder.  Then the sky opened up with a downpour.

The rain fell straight down and lightning was not present.  I actually like to be on this boat when it showers.  The tower's flat roof keeps all dry beneath.  The rain pelting against the roof's fabric reminds me of being in a tent.  The rain fell in torrents for about fifteen minutes and then weakened only to fall heavily again.  

Not a bird could be seen or heard.  Everything was under cover.  I had been on the lake for two and a half hours and not one fishing boat could be found.  I saw no reason to rush back out on the main bay and continue roving.  We'd, Shade and I, would just sit it out here for awhile.  The rain slackened and finally stopped all except for an occasional light one or two minute shower.  I thought I'd stretch my legs and let Shade have a swim.

Shade is beautiful when she swims.  She's power tempered with grace and poise.
If I could throw a tree in the water and tell her to get it she would try her best to get it and please me.  What a dog!

"Come on girl - shake off the water and lets go sit down and eat.
She loves to be near me. She lays down as close to me as possible.  I'm sitting on the log she is laying behind.  I wish she would go out and rove around some for the exercise but, she won't leave me.  Its been over a year since I've taken her to a decent trail in the big woods.  There just isn't anywhere to go over here.

We pulled out of the cove and carried on with our roving operation.  I turned it down the right shoreline and idled along at a brisk 6 miles per hour.  Break-neck speed.  As usual, I always use the binoculars to search the lake for fishing boats.  While they are in my hands I always scan the forest and shorelines.  I spotted something on shore by some rocks that looked odd.  She was camouflaged fairly well but, not good enough.

Ya know - this blog would be pretty dry if it weren't for the pictures of the animals.  Pictures of man made structures, no matter how elaborate and how perfect the picture quality is,  appear flat and lacking.  Of course, its about where the writer and/or photographer's interests lie.  I can take photographs of buildings or streets and cars but I have no passion for those subjects and I think its reflected in my photos when I do take the rare pictures of man made structures and objects.  The world belongs to animals.  We are animals ourselves.  The problem is that we are the product of one of God's experiments gone awry  We are here to act as stewards to all else on the planet and all we do is try to destroy each other and the planet we live on too.  And, we probably will succeed in destroying ourselves someday.  God probably figures that he gave us a supreme brain to figure things out and he will sit back and see what happens.    If we mess up the experiment - he'll simply start over.  Wow!  Where'd that come from?
And, these simple wild creatures exist or die depending on the whim of man, the ultimate animal.  How scary and unfair!

A group of adult double crested cormorants were resting on a snag.  There were no juveniles among them. They appeared black and sleek.  I have many photos of cormorants but these were the most powerful due to their age.  I wanted to make sure the shutter in the camera still worked.  The lower lake is difficult to find photographic material on unless you want to see photos of pleasure boats, jet skis and mansions.

I don't think there is a more powerful water bird than the cormorant.  They are spectacular when gaining flight.

Six hours have passed since I've been on the lake and still not any fishing boats.  This is amazing.  The day is turning out to be beautiful and I thought there would be many, many anglers on the water.  There are none.

I know what you're thinking.  Not another heron!  I had to make sure the camera shutter still worked.
I stopped on the shoreline for a half hour before driving across the lake to the other side for the return trip.  Maybe some fishermen would show up in that time.  Its getting late.

The shift was about over and it was time to move down the opposite shore and back to the boat dock.  The disgusting part of the ride would be passing the human habitation on the far side of the lake.  Why do human beings have to live on top each other in rusted tin cans a midst cluttered yards and properties.  Disgusting!


Tomorrow is another day and I'll be on the new creek I found North of Cherokee Lake.  The stuff is in the truck and ready to go.  All I have to do is toss the canoe on top the truck cap.  I've never been on this stream so it will be sort of an adventure.  The stream or creek named Beech Creek flows into a 300 acre pond that I will be working on in the future.  The wild life should be plentiful as this creek is located in a wilderness location.  I can't wait.  So, tune in tomorrow night for a report on the days adventure.  See ya.