Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I kept looking at the clock wishing time would move along so I could head for the river.  This afternoon was on the chilly side, just how I like it.  The Holston River flowed under an overcast sky, yet enough sun shined through to create highlights where they were needed.  Conditions for photography would be acceptable even though the sun came and went constantly.  The doe, above, was casually grazing along the shoreline just back of the weed line, and she is beautiful.  Note the white markings around her nose.  She's a real rose.

 The Gheenoe is very quiet, unobtrusive and non threatening in appearance.  The doe went about her business without stress but, she did keep an eye on that floating green log look alike.
 Notice the flowers that surround her.  Beautiful!

OK - I like ducks.  Always did.  The next few shots will be commentless.  New word.

I wanted to show the bald eagles to Janet when she was here from Pennsylvania but, they were absent.  It figures they would be on their usual perches after she leaves.

A fisherman I spoke to said there were a lot of white birds up on Big Creek.  These had to be great egrets.  The egrets aren't usually on this part of the river for whatever reason.  Their presence indicates that the migratory bird incursion to these waters is underway.  I headed up Big Creek to have a look.


 They are so elegant and refined!  Lordly may be an appropriate description.

And yes - more ducks.

 Things are happening on the river.  This time of year brings the migratory water birds by the thousands.  Blue and green winged teal, mergansers,  ruddy ducks, black headed ducks, wood ducks, mallards, buffle head ducks, grebes and many others will visit these waters shortly and spend the Winter in preparation for Spring mating.  An exciting wildlife extravaganza is about to occur and I will be here to experience it all.  And, the bald eagles will produce two more young sky kings.