Sunday, October 20, 2013


Janet, my friend from Pennsylvania, left this morning and I felt like I lost a good friend.  I needed to keep busy on my day off so I took the dogs up to the wildlife management area (WMA) for some exercise.  After returning I noticed that Shade had a rather bad limp that I was concerned about.  She is favoring her right front leg.  Of course, I'll spoil her even more than usual and let her lay on my bed where it's warm and soft.  I want her off that leg and super comfortable. 
It wasn't a big deal but, I wanted to get the dogs out in the woods for some quality exercise.  I had to fill the hole that was left when Janet went home too.  The WMA isn't that great for me but, to the dogs it's heaven.
 That black splotch above is Shade.
Little Chestnut hound turns into a totally different dog out here.  Even though she is in the wilds she returns to me immediately when I say, "Chestnut - come-mere."  She's sweet!
 Even Happy turns into the ultimate searching machine.  All absolutely love the water.
Shade found the icy cold water in the creek and is drying off in the soft grass.

I watched them when we were up in the woods and each of them raised their muzzles to the wind and each of them trotted off toward the creek.  Dogs truly do have incredible noses.

 My sweetest friend - anything for her.

Even Chestnut hound gravitates to the water.  It's soothing, cold water that washes away the heat created by sudden, excited activity.

I didn't notice Shade limping when we were out in the woods but, she has a bad limp tonight.  I'll allow her to sleep beside me on the mattress tonight.  She deserves to have the softest bed to help her leg repair.  I massaged her shoulders just awhile ago and her eyes shut and the softest grumble emitted from her muzzle as she went limp in my arms that encircled her.  So sweet!