Friday, October 11, 2013


 I am disappointed in the OK vote to hunt the cranes.  Effort was made to gain public opinion about the issue and the public voted overwhelmingly to stop the effort to kill sandhills.  It seems that general public "citizen" opinion doesn't carry any weight when it comes to opinion vs dollars.  If you read the article, you'll see some pretty flimsy statements as to why the hunt should go on.  Statements to the effect of "we should be able to hunt and protect the animals at the same time" are contradictory.  Hunt and manage is a better way to say it but, the fact is that public sentiment went unheard.  Discouraging, to say the least.  And, just who is this Tennessee Wildlife Federation?  We have Tennessee Fish and Wildlife and we have Tennessee Wildlife Resources and this third player seems to wield a lot of power.  Word has it that the hunters in the state weren't really caring one way or the other for a crane hunt but, this TN Fish and Wildlife organization was ramrodding it through.  And so a panel of politicians set the fate for this wonderful bird that represents all that is wild and beautiful.  Not good to eat and easy to kill.  No skill required.   Probably there isn't one of those political wildlife representatives who ever even saw a sandhill crane.  The term politician brings up visions of a refuse dump in my mind and that's just where the carcasses of the cranes will end up.