Monday, June 9, 2014


I had a great movie clip on here to start off with and when I tried to play it the thing wouldn't work.  So I deleted it and the entire entry disappeared..   All this after notifications went out that a new entry was posted.  Sorry for that.  I'm re-doing the entry now.

 So, how did these roses get into the tops of these trees?

I was just taking my time driving up the river trying to notice everything and found myself moving from one shoreline to another and visiting the places where I saw wildlife in the past.  I noticed a disturbance in the water up ahead and put the field glasses on it.  Otters.

 They were slowly moving upstream in that undulating, serpent movement they always use and were not advised of my presence yet.
 Then all of a sudden one of the adults noticed me and popped up really tall in the water for a look.
The shot below is precious.  Some shots may have a bit of blur and that's because they are not uploaded full density.  Takes too long.  

 Look at those precious little faces.
 Pure innocence.  Well, their faces are.  Their antics are serious business for other critters.

I watched as they moved slowly up river.  It seemed they weren't really concerned about my presence but kept an eye on that strange floating green thing behind them.

 They are so funny!
They were heading upstream with a certain destination in mind it seemed as they turned toward the shoreline and gathered together there.

Once at the edge of the river bank they swam against each other each otter touching the next until it seemed they all made contact and then they started to disappear into their burrow.  It must be a big burrow to house all these kids.

I really think the following pictures are the best otter pictures I've taken to date.  They are important to me as I may not ever again have photo ops like this one.
 Little Scamps!

And last but not least, a very awkward goose who can't climb up the hill.  It was funny to watch.  Wonder why he didn't just fly up to the top.

 I'll just walk around the hill and be done with it.
That's about it for this episode and I hope you saw something you enjoyed.
Oh, there's a new beaver lodge on the river.  Its so new the leaves are still on the wood.