Tuesday, June 17, 2014


The most remarkable photo opportunity came along yesterday afternoon while cruising along on the Holston River at Rogersville.  I had just photographed a few flowers along the shoreline when I happened to look up and noticed I wasn't alone.  The male bald eagle of a pair of eagles that live on this mountain was sitting in a tree just in front of and above the boat.  Thank heaven I had the engine off.  He acted like he didn't notice me and probably didn't because all was quiet and I wasn't moving.  He probably landed above me when I was still and focusing the camera on the shoreline.  The result of the encounter is an eagles profile.  Hope you enjoy the shots.  This quality is tough to find, especially for me.  Notice the lack of back lighting.  YES!

 Great Egret
 I'll break up the eagle shots with other pictures I deemed worthy to put in this entry.

 He looks directly at me and yet remains unconcerned.  I am not moving and the Gheenoe is the right colors, green and doe skin, and he does not perceive it a danger.  Wow!

He is magnificent!  I always say this when in the presence of bald eagles, but its how I feel.  These huge creatures can make one feel a bit insignificant when the encounter is close.

Now, there's a picture!  Oh, hes looking right at me.  Wonder what he thinks.

Had to post this shot again!

In the Shade

I just came home from an oral surgery where my jaw was relieved of uneven bone structure and tiny bone spurs and let me tell you it hurts like the blazes.   The anesthetic just now wore off and a full dose of hurt replaced it.  I'm glad I stopped for the prescription for pain meds.  Oxycodon Acetaminophen is the stuff and it is just starting to kick in - thankfully.  Yep, nothing like painless dentistry.  I didn't think this would be that big of a deal but, I was mistaken. 

This ends the entry for today and I have to say it was delightful gathering the information from the river to produce it.   I am so very thankful for the opportunity I've been given by fate to be able to participate in the lives of the creatures I love so much.   I hope you folks enjoy the sights and sometimes sounds that I post here on this blog.  Thanks very much for your participation.