Sunday, June 22, 2014


 A very scary thing happened the other day with all the girls.  It seems that some disagreement occurred between the girls ending up with Happy getting mauled by Chestnut hound and Shade.  Yes, I said Chestnut hound, the backward recluse who is afraid of her shadow and my sweet, mild Shade.  The attack happened right in front of me at my feet and I am glad I was right there but even though I acted quickly, Happy was bitten several times with one bite in particular serious enough to take her to the vet right away for treatment.  I kept her close to me for the past few days to allow her to calm down and to find security with my presence, which she has done.
She has accompanied me twice on the boat since the altercation and twice in the truck along the tail race.  Yesterday was the first day I left her with the other dogs and everything went well.
These three have shared life together for years and yet this happens.  More than three dogs is a pack and that pack mentality rules and defies common sense, at least human common sense.  More than two dogs of different breeds is a dangerous thing I believe and a precursor to future social problems among them.  I saw this before with a hound named Sigh.  She lived with 7 other dogs for years and years.  She slept, ate, played and went on hikes with all the other dogs.  One day they all turned on her and almost killed her.  This is how I acquired old Sigh.  I took her out of that dangerous situation.  I believe the others sensed her weakness and uselessness to the pack.  I firmly believe they wanted to eliminate that weak link.  Not sure what the deal is with Happy right now.  It may have been just a food issue but its hard to say and bears watching.  Things seem back to normal now, however, but Happy keeps a safe distance from Chestnut which indicates to me there is some social unrest at play.
 I had to post these bird bath shots.  That bird bath is one of the best things I ever got for birds.  They use it constantly all day clear up until dark. 

 Next year, when I renovate the yard by moving all the flowers, there will be limbs and roses around and over the bath which will shade it and provide even more security for the winged visitors.

 Yes, I'll be relocating all the roses and many of the forsythia plants toward the house end of the yard and replacing them with thuja pines which will provide a solid wall of green that will separate my land from the neighbor's, who I despise.  Don't care if he reads this or not.  Asses were once used as beasts of burden but the modern ass is simply dumb.  Hence the term dumb ass.  I got one who lives about two acres away and I don't even want his place in view at all.
I'll investigate the cost of a privacy fence but I believe the fast growing pines may be less expensive.  Don't know at this point.  I just don't like people I guess and I'm not especially proud to be a part of that species.

So transplanting roses and other plants will occur in the Fall or early Spring when they are dormant and about 70 more thuja pines will arrive here early Spring for planting.  Either that or the high, solid fence will be installed on the outskirts of the property.  Some people belong in cities and should stay there.  They are a blight on the rural areas where they bring their city bad habits, loud music, propensity for cutting down trees and anything else green and replace them with metal buildings that erect in an hour and rust in one year.  Loud children replace the sounds of the wind and crickets and leaf blowers frighten the wild animals away.  Sucks!!!!