Monday, September 22, 2014



Well, I've decided to sell Otter Chase, my custom Gheenoe.  Its just time.  This boat is a 2008 and is like new.  It runs good looks good and has taken me to many hidden, out of the way places on Tennessee lakes and rivers.  So why am I selling it?  I've threatened to let it go for three years now, usually at the start of winter.  Then when spring arrives I'm all set to go again and fall back in love with it.  I really like the boat but, its just time.  Besides, I need some things for this money pit house and cash is short.  A little about the boat follows.

This is a 16 foot boat called a custom Gheenoe.  In other words these boats don't come built to completion.  The customer tells them how to build it.  I ordered a center console with stainless steel grab rail and steering wheel.  The deck is a raised deck with a bilge beneath.  There are four dry storage compartments and an 11 gallon stainless steel gas tank in the bow.  I equipped the bilge with an automatic and manual bilge pump and test it monthly to assure it is operational.  

You'll notice the navigation lights are built into the bow just under the railing.  They are called shark eyes.  Of course an anchor light is in the rear.  The electrical system is on circuit breakers.  By the way, this boat has fantastic stability.  Its practically impossible to upset.  I can't imagine that happening ever.  Its more stable than a jon boat.  Really!
 The BF25 Honda four stroke engine only has 343 hours on it.  In other words its new.  I change the oil three times a season and the lower unit is changed every three months.
This engine is tilt trim and mounted on a jack plate for further adjustment if necessary.  It shouldn't be necessary as the boat comes on plane rapidly.  The engine is a sipper too.  Regular gas.  I also installed a fuel/water separator in the fuel line.  Pure gasoline is only used.  None of that ethanol crap in this boat.

 The prop is like new and original equipment.  A back up prop is included.

The trolling motor is a 55 ft lb thrust Minn  Kota.  Its strong.

 The sonar is also a basic GPS unit and details can be found on the internet about it.  The model number is in the picture above.

Above is view facing the engine at rear of boat.

 I notified a couple of good friends about this deal and I'm not going to put it on Craigs List until I hear from them.  Its a courtesy thing.  If they decline Its going on Craigs List immediately.  If anyone is interested in this boat you can email me at or call (865) 548-3596

If anyone buys the boat before next weekend, the pretty girl below will accompany the boat and stay with it for one week.   Na - just kidding....