Friday, September 12, 2014


I was really getting hungry mid morning while driving Douglas Lake and decided to pull over in a cove and eat the three bananas, cherry pie and peanut butter cracker sandwiches I bought that morning at Weigles.  Yum!
 I passed by the rocky shorelines that lines both sides of the water as I made my way to the back of the cove.  It was then that I saw what I thought was two lost dogs.

 The field glasses came to my face and I was looking directly into the face of a little brown goat.  How in the world-------?
They were hanging out exactly where I intended to beach the boat.  The bank was soft at that position and perfect for holding the boat while I ate.

This is a true island with no connection to the mainland so I can't imagine how they got out here unless someone brought them here and left them out.  I don't think there is a land link when the water is drawn down in the winter.  Who knows at this point?  There they are though.  I made little squeaks and low pitched noises to attract them.  I thought about giving them my cherry pie but that's as far as that went.

I'd love to have these little guys at my place.  If only I had a fence put up.  I have the room and I have the perfect little building for them to stay in.  Shade and Happy probably wouldn't like it but they'd get used to it I imagine.  I decided to shoot a little movie clip of these guys before I took off.

I had to get going.  They seemed to have it made here, although they seemed very happy to see a human being.  I do believe I could coax them into the boat if I had some food for them.  A GPS data point was made on their location and I'll return in a few days to check on them.  Its always something.