Thursday, September 11, 2014


If the weather holds I'll be taking a bike trip to Waynesboro, VA to visit with a lady who has contributed a large portion of her life to the efforts of this country in Afghanistan and many other unknown pits of hell where vermin lay and hide waiting to do this nation great harm.  Rhonda Winfield is this great lady's name and her contribution to keep this country free was the giving of her son.  I am proud to know her and I wish I could have known her son.. I implore you to buy and read this book to learn that not only do our warriors bleed, hurt and die, many times in obscurity but, a warriors mother also feels the agony of the loss of her son, her child and bleeds invisible blood for that part of her now lost and damaged -  her body, mind and soul.  Rhonda's son lives on in her heart and his soul remains protected from harm by her.  Get the book.  Its an inspirational read!

This book was a hard one for me to get through.  Its amazingly brutal in its description of what occurred in Rhonda's heart, body and soul when she found out about her son's death.  The agony in her life didn't end there.  That was only the beginning and the end is out there somewhere still, around the bend in the dark of an endless tunnel where no light can be seen.