Thursday, September 11, 2014


I took Shade out for a run two days ago at Panther Creek State Park located on Cherokee Lake.  Its not my first choice of places to go but its pretty much all there is around here but we made the best of it.
The trails are not challenging in the least but they are good exercise for a dog I guess.  I don't know why everything for the outdoors public has to be made so unchallenged and easy to accomplish to the point of seeming artificial.  Are people so out of conditioning that they can't even navigate a raw, natural nature trail?
Shade was having a good time and that's all that matters.

The high lite of the morning, I guess I could say, was the field of woods flowers we came upon as we walked the muddy shoreline of Cherokee in the park.

These were beautiful patches of wild flowers and they were a big surprise to see here along the edge of this forest next to the muddy shoreline that normally is submerged with water. 

Easy, level trails are usually boring and this one was no different but I'm glad it is here for Shade to enjoy.  There isn't much around here for her to do "off leash".

I thought I'd throw a couple shots from the tailrace of Cherokee Lake on this entry.  I took the pictures yesterday as I remember, or try to remember.  Remembering is getting harder by the year.  You'll see.
 This once healthy tree was literally twisted of its trunk by high wind.  Can you imagine that?

I work the tailrace from the truck so not much changes week to week or day to day.  I do shoot a few pictures when I stop to talk to a fisherman or to check the shoreline up and down the river.  Sometimes I run into some interesting things to photograph though.
 I like spider webs allot as you can see.

If the weather holds out for the next three days, I'll be driving to Waynesboro, Virginia to visit with Rhonda Winfield (who wrote "When Johnny Doesn't Come Marching Home).  I'm looking forward to seeing this fine patriot lady and spending time in her little bar/restaurant.  My good friend Tom will be meeting me there also and hopefully he and I can enjoy a few miles together on the Skyline Drive or the upper end of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The parkway ends and the Skyline Drive starts at Waynesboro, VA.  That's it for this little entry.  Stay tuned for the Waynesboro ride and also we have a visit to the Tennessee elk herd coming up as well.