Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Below:  What a beautiful scene!
All of a sudden the lakes have come alive after the long visual droughts of winter.  Cherokee lake is now full of water and the advent of spring and summer have graced this rock hole with beauty and grace
Along with the pretty shoreline views come the birds and very few mammals.  Aquatic birds and raptors are now making themselves apparent to the inquisitive eye.  It seems the osprey is on the scene wherever I go and the photography opportunities these fantastic birds offer is unending.



Love the osprey!  Bald eagles have been secretive today for some reason.  Soon the pleasure boats will be plunging through the water and the disturbance will be too much for most of the wildlife and it will retreat to hidden recesses on the shorelines to get away from the intrusion, and once again wildlife views will be scarce as they were in winter.  But for now things are sweet on the water wildlife wise.

 Its a time for new life

 Raptors exhibit power and grace and present a great show, but this diminutive spotted sandpiper works behind the scenes to help nature work.  Most of his movements and work go unseen.

A juvenile bald eagle is harassed by a raven on high.  That little black bird had better show care in the future when the eagle finally realizes its full power potential.