Tuesday, April 7, 2015

THE OSPREY & a couple other birds

An osprey passed by my boat on Douglas Lake this morning and he was carrying a fish.  I watched him land in a tree and immediately start to eat his freshly caught prize.

 The bright sky background is broken up with the addition of the dark trees and foliage.  That situation combined with the darkness of the bird's plumage allows the camera's spot metering to render a more exact color rendition.
 I am delighted with these pictures as the boat was rocking badly and the 500 mm lens was heavy to hold on the bird.  It all worked out fairly well I'd say.

 There's that terminal stare again.  Cheese Whiz!!!!

 Osprey's always start eating at the head of the fish for some reason.  By the way, this fish is very much alive.

The geese are pairing up for mating and they have selected nesting sites all along the shoreline of the rock and mud.  I say rock and mud because I'm talking about Douglas Lake which has no green habitat along the water.

 Rain is falling over on the mountains.  The fog is getting more dense by the minute.  It won't be long until I'm getting wet.

 I disturbed a great blue heron and it prepares to fly away.
 I had to check the bird books to find out what kind of goose the white one was.  It is a white goose according to the bird books and the internet...  I kid you not.

 And finally an immature bald eagle comes into sight.

 I saw an adult about twenty minutes earlier but he wouldn't wait for me and I couldn't get a decent shot.  The pictures I did take aren't good enough to post.

 Another osprey.  They are back from wherever they go in the winter and are rebuilding nests and preparing for reproduction.
 What a dominant raptor!!  Well, that is until the bald eagle comes onto the scene.

And the rain finally arrives at noon just in time for me to say good by to the lake.  Talk about luck!