Thursday, April 16, 2015


This is a silly kind of post.  I pulled  the 1955 Crestliner out of the garage and put it on Cherokee Lake today to see how she would run.  This boat is 60 years old and she ran better than anything "I" could buy today.  What a hoot on water!  I tossed Clarissa inside and we headed toward Bob Choat's castle to see if he was home.  He was.  Clarissa and I are particularly fond of Bob and we wanted him to see our ancient mariner's ride.

Here are some videos of the first rides on this boat since it was purchased.  These are first impressions.  This boat is one of the biggest hoots on Cherokee Lake.  Great Scott it was fun!
The engine has been completely inspected by Ty from Ty's Marine at Cherokee lake.  I had him replace the factory wire harness, coil, plugs and wires, impeller and impeller housing, all seals, prop shaft and the carburetor was rebuilt and tuned.  The boat starts if ya breathe on the ignition key and is smooth as silk.  It is a 1982 Evinrude two stroke.  This engine is 33 years old and runs like a new one.

I will sell this boat but I may hang on to it for awhile.  It is totally enjoyable.  I've done nothing to improve the beauty of it.  I probably will start on that soon.  If anyone is interested in buying this boat someday - let me know and I'll hang onto your information.  Several people already are asking to be called when I decide to sell.  I'm not a collector and I will sell it.  Just want to enjoy the history of it for a bit.  I like things that work well and are simple in design.
This is one very nice antique boat.  You should see the trailer.  Now, that's a piece of work.  Coil springs.  Yep!