Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Another visit to this year's baby eagle factory was wonderful. I actually beached the boat and walked to the base of their tree. Walked is an understatement. I wanted to check the ground for skeletons etc. I would have liked to find a eagle's feather but no luck. Both fledglings are well and growing rapidly. I would imagine them both to be dancing on the tree limbs adjacent to their nest by mid next week. After that it won't be long. I hope I can get pictures of them doing their pref light exercises. I actually climbed a short distance up a rock cliff behind the nest tree to get better shots of the babies. The pictures here are the best I can do with the equipment I have at my disposal. Digital cameras leave a lot to be desired when quality is sought. It is like walking on hallowed ground when in their presence. I don't really know why I have been taken so by them. But I felt, when under their tree and in their presence, the same feeling I felt back in 1973 when I stood in the same room that Jim Bowie was slain at the Alamo. It was almost impossible for me to get my head around the fact that I was standing in the same room as one of Americas most famous valued hero's stood. He was bayoneted to death by Mexicans while bed ridden during the fall of the Alamo in March of 1836. And today I stand in the presence of the most magnificent bird in all of America. Me----here under this tree------watching the symbol of my countries bravery. This eagle has been everyplace where Americans struggled and died for our freedom. Yes, even at the Alamo. I am humbled in their presence.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll throw a few pictures into this entry of a couple vultures I see from time to time. The eagle's are below the vulture pictures.
He just jumped from the tree limb over to his cave. His mate is still in the tree. I am directly below the cliff in my boat. They both were apprehensive of me but began getting used to my presence.
Ike jumped from the adjacent tree to this cliff side crevasse. I'm sure they must have eggs or young in the cave. I have to read up on Vultures. Turkey vultures are pretty scary when they look at you. They have a "terminal stare". Black Vultures are not as imposing.
Ah, home at last. He is heading into the cave opening on the cliff side.
Ike flew in with Dorothy. He wants in the cave nest badly. I'll back off with the boat using electric power to stay quiet.
Dorothy is eyeing me up wandering what the noisy contraption is below her tree. My boat.....
Dorothy is keeping an eye on me. She has landed in a scraggly old tree adjacent to her nest located in a cave in the cliff.
Since we are talking about beautiful birds, I thought I would break up the blog entry with some suttle beauty.
The shots below were taken from directly under the eagle's tree.