Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I finally got to check on the Eagles Of The Little Tennessee River. The adults were near and they weren't leaving for anything. I searched the nest for a glimpse of the young but couldn't see them. The adults were very aggressive and actually started to dive on my boat. I never heard of anything like that before. They actually came very close. I backed off from the nest site but shot a couple pictures of the nest just for grins. I never saw the young chick from my boat. Upon checking the photos at home; there he was. I apologise for the bad photography but I didn't know a chick was present on the nest. If you look closely at the vertical branch you'll see him. There is only one chick in the picture. I hope with all my heart there are two. Absolutely magnificent!!!!! They're back!!!
This eagle was clearly upset with my presence. Her mouth is open and constant hi pitched shreeks are being emitted.
This bird was soaring horzontally when all of a sudden she put on the brakes and dove strait at my boat. The following picture shows how close she came. I couldn't focus the camera. Oh, for a 35 mm camera with motor drive.!!!!!
This adult dove on me and pulled out at the last minute. They are Very, Very big birds.
This eagle dived at my boat numerious times constantly sqreeching in hi pitched tones. It was so close I couldn't focus on it properly
Each eagle shreeked constantly while circling me. They were upset.
Circling and ever watching me as I float near by.
Magnificent in flight.
Its been a long day
Together for life