Thursday, May 24, 2007


Its been a very busy week. Installed tires and brakes on Big Red, mowed some grass, took the dogs on their outing and finally boated to the eagles lair. The fledglings are out of the nest and flapping around to different positions on the tree. At first I could not see the second baby but she was there, hidden by tree foliage. Both baby's appear to be lively and healthy. There is still some soft baby plumage on both chicks. The parents circled constantly while I did my human photo thing. The chicks sat contented on their safe limbs and allowed me to snap shot after shot of them. Many of the photos following may appear to be repetitious but I assure you they are each different. I took as many as I could of these young eagles because one never knows if there will be future opportunities. I mean after all, how many people have seen a baby Bald Eagle in the flesh? Have you? The opportunity to view and photograph these magnificent birds is not common place, nor is it easy to capture them on camera. I feel honored to be permitted to hold their essence with a camera and to have their images here with me to look and marvel at in my own time. There are more than a few images below. This will be the last pictures I will be able to get of these fledglings. They will be gone very soon to start lives of their own. I wish them well. I wish them safety. The future of the Bald Eagle is secure in the babies you are about to see. And the future of the country they represent is secure too. Don't ever doubt it. To look into the sky and to see the Bald Eagle soar with wings outspread will conjure up thoughts of liberty and freedom. And so, I give you the young eagles: