Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I took Douglas, Happy and Sigh to the East Lakeshore trail tonight for a last run before I have to check in to work in the morning. They have to wait till my next days off before I can get them quality time in the woods and away from here. The Lakeshore Trail has been built primarily by volunteers and donations. Hard work went into that trail. It is obvious when one sees how wonderfully kept it is. Even a boat landing has been built. Its beautiful. Then last week a sign indicating the boat landing site was erected. It must have cost over a hundred dollars. It is a beautiful piece of work and blends well with the surroundings. The sad thing is that the moment it was installed, some idiot had to take a shot gun to it. Brand new! I guess that area is open to hunting. I don't know why as it usually has walkers and hikers on the trail. Irresponsibility at work. No; not good ole boys. No, not just Bubba with a gun out having fun. This is the work of some a-- hol- that was born shy of two thirds of his brain and allowed to buy a gun. I like guns. I grew up around them and have shot in competition. They are fun. Guns don't kill. People do. Pencils don't misspell. People do. Guns don't obliterate beautiful signs. People do. Ever wonder why I'm so intense about the eagles I keep talking about? I am protective of them and concerned for them because I know that some Bubba out duck hunting will shoot them. It's that simple. Anyone who would maliciously, on purpose, take calculated aim at that fine, expensive sign would kill an eagle. He would kill The Golden Dog, Douglas. (And that man would regret his birth.") There are good and bad among us for sure. But "bad" with a gun is intolerable. Gun's are getting bad press now as we speak. Acts like I speak of will instigate local action if enough of it occurs. I hope guns and hunting are banned from the East Coast Hiking Trail. They don't belong there. Sportsmen everywhere are watching their hunting areas diminish and are complaining about it. Senseless acts like this will continue to cause properties to be off limits to hunters. If I see much more of this kind of crap, I can't say I give much of a dam"n about hunting. I just take it personal because this sign is my property. It is you're property. Why don't these inbred morons go shoot out street lights or something in the city where all the crime is anyway?.