Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"Climb aboard and hang on Happy. I'll get you back to dry land"
This is an amazing little dog. She is smart as a tack. Loves the water
Happy is a Terrier of sorts. Terriers are not really noted for turning into great swimmers. Her desire to be with Douglas overpowers her desire to stay on the dry land.
Talk about team work! Give me a break. This is so cute I couldn't pass up the picture
Happy has become quite an accomplished swimmer. Look at her go!
What a pair!!
Douglas has his paws full with Happy
They struggled over this stick for over twenty minutes. Constant running and swimming. Endless energy.
What great fun! Out in the middle of nowhere and having all this wonderful entertainment. I'm very lucky.
A hard day of swimming, chasing friends and swimming, and chasing friends and swimming. Whew! A gentle breeze wafts across the deck and Douglas can't keep his eyes open.
He's so handsome!