Saturday, January 12, 2008


Fort Southwest Point was constructed in 1791 and was active until 1811. The fort is built on a hill (now Kingston, TN) with a commanding view of the Clinch River. It was built for the protection of settlers from maurading Cherokee Indians who claimed that the land was theirs by birthright. They felt threatened by the white intrusion and drew blood from the white's when possible. Imagine that! The fort housed the Fourth Regiment of Infantry. There were Dragoons and artillery on the grounds as well. Later, Colonel Jonathon Meigs, Military Agent for the troops in Tennessee, balanced indian affairs with the Federal government from 1801 to 1807 when trade with the Cherokees was moved to the Tellico Block House in the present day Vonore, TN. The final task for the old fort was to house and supply trade goods that would eventually be shipped down river to other posts, thereby expanding the US frontier. Can you imagine having your home and lands infringed upon? Put yourselves in the mocasin's of the Cherokee for just one moment. Just a thought. Anyway, below is the reconstructed fort. It sits exactly on the same spot it was built on.