Monday, January 21, 2008

River Hawk Boat

I really need to get another boat and am having difficulty deciding weather to get a conventional boat or a River Hawk. The lakes are big down here with lots of streams and rivers running into them. A 17 foot Package Jon boat with a sixty horse power engine is ideal. Problem is fuel economy. If I can't afford to operate it; I may as well stay home. The River Hawk is a slick new 15.5' boat that is designed for rivers and lakes. I would probably feel insecure in storms and heavy wake situations. But the manufacturer states it is more stable than a flat bottom Jon boat. That's saying a lot. It will definitely get into places where a normal boat can't go. And the speed is around 30 mph. That's fine. It would certainly be an adventure to go camping with. The engine would "sip" fuel. That is the big issue. Gas absolutely will hit $4.00 and maybe $5.00 a gallon. Sorry, it will. And then there's the Bald Eagles I have been watching for the past couple years. I gotta get down river. I better make a decision. ha. Many of the pictures below are of the King Fisher model. I am most interested in the Pro Caster Model. It's the one flying down the lake. Both models are similar in appearance. At any rate; I need to move on this soon. I'll keep you informed. I miss photographing on the lakes and rivers. Don't forget to click the picture to enlarge it. This thing has get up and go for sure Flies along quite well. The River Hawk can take up to a 20 horse power four cycle marine engine A River Hawk at the Atlanta Boat Show The Kingfisher on the trailer Note the center console. A steering wheel and throttle along with gages can be put there Beautiful nose. Here it is hooked to the trailer. The boat has navigation lights in the hull each side Storage up under the nose deck. Trolling batteries could be kept here Work being accomplished in the factory in Atlanta The boats in the forfront are Kingfishers and the far boat, I believe, is a pro-caster There is a lot of dry storage on the boat. This is one of two huge storage areas This is a great bow picture of the Kingfisher. Lots of room A picture of the Kingfisher in the Atlanta boat show Boat with fishing chairs. I don't need them Good front end "bow" shot of the boat View from the back of the boat. The irregular edges are the chines that "grip" the water and allow the hull to bite into the water and maintain stability Rear deck area of Kingfisher model