Monday, January 14, 2008


They stare at me. They look at me with anticipation in their eyes. I can't move anywhere in the room without their total attention. Any move to the door on my part brings clicking of toenails on hardwood floor as they poise for an exit through the door. They love the time at the lake. I walk to the truck and they are sitting beside the truck doors waiting for me. Shade is back by the tailgate waiting. So here we go again. Who's faster? Catch me if you can Collision! Subtle as a bull in a puddle Smooth with finess Solid muscle. Like a horse Shady Lady retrieving Team work Two gorgeous animals as they should be------wild and unrestrained Doing happy laps after a swim A run down the beach Three Amigos Douglas. Golden Elegance Old Sigh. Look at her go. She is acting like a young pup today. Her broken, old body is allowing her a bit of joy. I'll start calling her Thunderbolt if she keeps this up. Catch me if you can. Happy taunts Douglas until the big guy just can't take it anymore. Then Happy leads him on a merry chase. Look at his face. That is a real expression. Their faces "can" change to show emotion. Douglas is showing absolute, total euphoric joy.