Tuesday, January 29, 2008


No, its not some kind of animal. Below this post you can find some pictures of a River Hawk boat. I have been investigating these boats for weeks now and discovered that the River Hawk is a spin off from another canoe called a Gheenoe. The Gheenoe was invented and later manufactured by a man named Gheene from here in Tennessee. To make a long story short; he got tired of upsetting canoes and decided enough is enough and designed his own boats. All kidding aside; these boats are the best of the best for their size. Below is some shots of Gheenoe's. Some are Custom Gheenoe's. Custom Gheenoe is a company founded by the original family to create personalized boats for customers. Some are quite elegant as you can see. By the way; Gheenoe is pronounced like canoe with a "g". Directly below is a standard boat. All that follow are custom boats based on a standard boat.