Friday, January 11, 2008


The boat below is called The River Hawk. It is very canoeish in looks but it is far from a canoe. It is sixty inches wide at it's widest point (middle). The River Hawk is 15.3' long and will handle a twenty horsepower engine. It's top speed is thirty miles per hour and will run in six inches of water. Well, it can be polled through six inches of water. It is a unique, very usable craft that could access places a larger boat couldn't navigate through. However, the lakes are huge and storms are nasty at times. Then, there are the ocean size ships that create four and five foot wakes. They can be alarming to say the least. I drove to Atlanta, Georga today to see these River Hawks. The boat below is the basic boat. The Atlanta boat show is this weekend and the fully rigged boats were not in this store. I simply do not drive in Atlanta. End of that story. The manufacturer will create any style deck and rigging desired. Sky's the limit. I like it. The River Hawk is a very stable boat and is exciting to see it on plane. Not sure Douglas would approve of such a strange craft. The price of the River Hawk is very close to that of a conventional boat. I put a picture of a G3 below. Don't forget; click on the picture for an enlargement. Below is a G3 seventeen foot center console boat. This probably will be the new magic carpet ride for 2008. Powered by a 60 horsepower Yamaha four cycle engine; it would be silent and sturdy for lake use. This boat is just about the same price as the River Hawk above. The River Hawk is a versitle tool, but the boat below has it all.