Sunday, March 21, 2010


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She runs fast and free, a brown shadow at the forest’s edge,

Spring has set her free from Winters grasp,  the pain she did endure;
Released to roam the countryside
And suffer cold no more.

Full speed she went down hill and up,
Around rocks and logs and to the creek that rambles through the glen;
Over water she did leap to circle back again.

Tawas good to feel Springs warmth once more,
To feel alive; fast and wild;
And stretch her body out full bore,
She is truly nature’s child.

Across the hills of green she ran,
Muscles rippling under tan.
Untiring strength unleashed for speed,
Her pounding heart and body freed.

Her high speed creates suspense;
The leap is high and clears the fence.
She came to earth with grace and poise;
No sound is made no crashing noise.

Ears back, muzzle out, she ran on and on,
It seems she’ll run till strength is gone.
The gait she holds can not endure,
She’ll slow fore long and that is sure.

A terrible pain has struck the side,
The wooden shaft has pierced the hide.
It’s force has pushed it very deep.
The blood flows fast more than a seep.

She slows her pace yet on she runs,
Up the hill into the sun.
She turns her head to see the cause,
The pain she feels without a pause.

She trips and falters in her rush,
And stops to stand and catch her breath.
The strength is drained, she’s feeling dazed,
So on a bed of leaves she lays.

Why did this happen to her?
She did nothing wrong, did not deserve,
A fate like this, to end this way,
The slowest death this gorgeous day.

Her body weak,  she lay down her head,
She waits for sleep, on natures bed.
Soon the pain and terror gone,
The birds will sing her funeral song.

Her muscles twitch eyes open wide,
To see the arrow in her side;
A final gasp and one last breath,
The snow white angels name is death.

The flowers ring her body tan,
She lays on ground were once she ran.
Forest green is where she roamed,
Her innocence has returned  home.