Monday, March 22, 2010


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Above and below are steps that go over tall fences.  Now, this might not seem to be a big issue but dogs usually go under a fence or over it if they can jump it.  Something has to click in their brain for them to figure out that they can climb steps to go over it.  In the first place;  they have to know that climbing the steps will lead them to the other side.  How do they figure it out you ask?  Well;  they follow their fearless leader.
I had the guys down here to this trail a day or two ago and Shade (Black Lab) instantly followed me over the stairs.  Today she didn't think twice about it.  I turned around to see where Happy and Douglas were and Happy was on her way over also.  Douglas stood and watched.  Then he came over.

It's nothing for Shade.  She is a natural.  No thought process at all.  Just up and over.

I'm proud of Shade.  She is attentive to my presence and really tries to please me.  You've got a great dog when she acts as if a thought process exhists.  Sometimes they really amaze me.  Mostly they make me proud of them.

Ok Happy!  She simply followed me up the steps and over the fence without a hesitation.
Ok Now what?  "Come on down Hap."
"Good little girl.  Great job!"  Now, what about the wonder dog Douglas.  He has yet to climb a set of these steps.  He's supposed to set the example for the others.

Whoa!  What is this.  Am I seeing correctly?  Douglas!  Way to go boy!
And down the other side they go.  Good job Douglas.
Now I can't keep them off the steps.  They think it's a game.  It's a good game and it might save them from peril someday.
Shade broke the ice on the steps routine.  She's a smart cookie.  Shady Lady;  Good girl.
I have been off work four days now and could only use one to really be active in the woods or the lake.  Friday was super warm and gorgeous and I used every moment to be on the water or in the woods.  Saturday also was gorgeous.  I took the boat to the lake and couldn't even find a place to park the truck and trailer.  Boats were lined up at the launch ramp waiting their turns to put their boats in the water.  To make things worse I noticed brake fluid leaking from the left front wheel of the truck.  Had to fix that.   The day wasn't progressing very well.  Sunday held the threat of rain.  The weather forcasters promised 100% chance of rain and high wind.  I held tight to the habitat and it never did rain.  Today, Monday, is winter time again.  Temperatures never went above 43 degrees.  I am coming down with a cold of some type and I didn't care to go onto the lake where the temps are even colder.  So I stayed close to home.  At around 4 PM I couldn't take it any longer.  I packed up the kids and hit the trail for one last outing of the week.  It also turned out to be a training routine for the dogs.  Wonder if I could get them to climb ladders.  I should go to the doctor to see about this cold but can't afford the insurance deductable.  Oh;  wait a second.  I get free insurance now.  Oh boy!  They passed the health plan.  Wow!  Am I lucky!  I get free doctor visits.  Wonder who's paying the bill for me?  Now, isn't that something?!