Monday, March 15, 2010


I heard a disturbing dialog on the radio while driving to work today.  It disturbed me so much that I put a call into the Knoxville radio station to add my two cents to the talk show.  I didn't get on the air because I arrived at work before my turn at the microphone presented itself.  It was the Hallerin Hilton Hill Show and the topic was "Jihad Jane."  Jihad Jane is a spin off of the once popular name of "Hanoi Jane";  the title held by the illustrious Jane Fonda back in 1972.  The fact is that Jane Fonda was an anti war activist who actually made a visit to North Vietnam (our enemy at the time for those of you who don't understand or care about history or anything about the roots of our freedom) to "interview" the opposing forces and present their side of the war to to the American homeland.  The result of her visit was her story (view) that portrayed the North Vietnamese as an oppressed people simply trying to stave off the onslaught of a foreign army (American Military) and struggling against all odds of success against this determined force.  Her claims of vicious military might directed toward a defenseless backward people were designed to turn American citizenry against the American campaign in Vietnam.  In reality;  her interviews with the North Vietnamese military leaders left a stigma on her name that has never washed off to this day.  There was a fellow named John Kerry who also was an anti war sympathizer who sided with Jane but, never held onto the title of  traitor as did Jane Fonda.  John and Jane;  they made headlines while the butchers from the North side of the demilitarized zone worked their magic on those forces in the South.   The North Vietnamese Guerrillas called themselves soldiers of freedom but were nothing more than vicious Communist butchers who took few prisoners.   The Al-Qaeda of today has nothing on those ruthless demons from North Vietnam who severed the arms and legs from our American soldiers, castrated and disemboweled  them and left them hanging from tree limbs along trails for the purpose of instilling fear in the hearts of American Soldiers as they came upon them.   It didn't work.  We became enraged and in many cases retaliated in kind.  Nothing to be proud of but it was a sort of justice.
Jane Fonda, and yes;  John Kerry (Senator Kerry) can never know the damage they caused by siding against that conflict.  They surely did nothing to increase the pride of the soldier who faced the Hun on the battle field in those days.  Kerry should have known better.  And he should now.  But, evidently he hasn't learned anything as he is still a rotten board on the ground floor of any issue that might require military might.  This brings me to the reason I started this rant here tonight on this blog.   I'm not a politically oriented person but I know right from wrong and I can see through a lot of smoke that is coming from fires started by political arsonists.  There is something going on that is terribly wrong and those in power claim they can't understand it.  Are they dense?  And if so;  why in the hell did the American people put these sorry excuses for American patriots (Politicians)  in power?
The topic of the morning on the Hallerin Hilton Hill Show was "Are American's Dumb?"  That caught my attention.  It seems a young educated lady (girl) was arrested by the FBI for recruiting for the Al-Qaeda network.  She is is college student and obviously not a dumb American as can be determined by her college grades.  She is an "A" student and the pride of her parents.  She has been running a web site offering allegiance to the Islamist Taliban.  She is recruiting her fellow Americans to be Jihadists (patriots) for the radical Islamic movement.  So, the question posed is "are Americans dumb?"  Do we not understand that we enjoy freedom to do what we wish, when we wish, and as often as we wish?  Are we so dumb that we don't understand that an American can choose a course in life and rise to any level of success he cares to?  He has freedom of speech, freedom to publicly criticize unpopular political views and voice opinions concerning practically any aspect of his life without repression?
The topic "Are American's Dumb" is what activated my rebellious senses.    Americans as a whole are absolutely not dumb.  Actually the majority are "in the groove" and knowledgeable about the social ills of the nation.  It is a minority of Americans that the radio show is talking about.  What makes a successful young college girl take the side of Islamic butchers who murder their victims by beheading practices?  What makes this same girl take on the name of "Jihad Jane."  Congratulations Miss Fonda;  your legacy has been adopted by another traitor.  This new war celebrity didn't just dream up the name Jihad with the last name of Jane.  But, what is happening here?  The following is my take on it.  And, I'll bet I'm right:

The America that you and I as children, and our parents and their parents, was an America that was reflective of all for God, country, the American way and moms apple pie.  It was a job at the gas station and a trip to the town reservoir in the family 49 Ford with a girl friend to skinny dip in the chilly evening water.  It was the Saturday night movie that cost fifty cents to view and the drug store where malts were twenty five cents and you sat on a round stool that would revolve on a post in the floor.  A nickle in the juke box brought the Brothers Four or Dion and Run Around Sue into the room.  Guys and Gals threw glances at each other from across the room as they tried to get up enough courage to cross that endless expanse of floor space to make the introduction that could lead to an everlasting relationship.  As time past the process remained much the same and only the decor changed.  Clothes, cars, movies, music and more changed.  But, the American youth remained much the same.  Get out of high school and get a job to buy a car was the goal of most rural, agricultural oriented youths.  Those kids who resided in the larger towns were guided into college by successful parents.  There is one segment of society that did change dramatically.  That would be the political society.  Yes;  those who were assigned the duty of running our nation.  We went from Roosevelt all the way through to  our present illustrious Barock Obama;  or however you want to spell it.  Most presidents after Roosevelt represented truth, justice and the American way.  All had their moments of corruption but, for the most part they were clearly focused on what worked for our "free" nation.  You remember those times don't you?  Sure you do?  Guess what;  the kids of today don't.  They never lived through it.  They have no idea what you are talking about when you bring up Norman Rockwell.  When they look at his paintings they laugh and joke about how backward those times were.  Today there are many parents who never lived through the America of the forties, fifties.  The sixties;  yes.  They will be a vanishing breed soon enough.   Then what will happen?  Who will carry the torch from the good times.  What will be left to carry on the American tradition?  I'll tell you.  The future will be formed by kids who grew up with an ipod in one hand and a cell phone in the other.  Kids who take naked pictures of their boy and girlfriends with cell cameras and post them on the internet.  Kids that are so engrossed in texting and watching television that they can't put together a meaningful sentence using proper English.  Kids who couldn't tell you the capital of their own state, let alone where the White house is located.  These kids grow up to vote.  Many, if not most, will vote for the popular candidates no matter where they stand on issues.   There is serious talk of eliminating history prior 1860 from school history books.  It seems that the eighteen hundreds was a period where political growth prospered and grew into the wonderful system of management we have today.  Anything that occurred in America prior 1800 is deemed irrelevant.   Forget Plymouth Rock and there is no need to know about the French and Indian War, the predecessor to the Revolutionary War.  Oh;  the Revolutionary War is of no importance anymore.  It only allowed some old men to gather together around a bottle of wine and create the greatest document of all time; the Constitution.  Who cares about that?  Ask a kid, any age, what he knows about the Constitution and see what you get.    All this is why we currently have Jihad Jane.  Mark my words there will be more Janes to come.    All the above are instigators for the creation of Jihad Janes.   But I have to hang the largest contributor to the words (political environment.)  This nation has never witnessed such a conglomeration of dissatisfied,  chronic gripers, power hungry, greedy, individual and fascist thinking,  self centered miscreants that call themselves politicians in it's history.  The lack of leadership exponentially increased a hundred fold by the number of idiots who call themselves representatives of the people.  In a way the American people are dumb.  We have the "freedom" to vote and vote we did. We got what we deserve.  And so;  all the above is my reasoning about why we now have a Jihad Jane who replaces our very much loved "Hanoi Jane."  Oh;  one more thing.  Without leadership we are doomed.   Without positive roll models in government;  our children have nothing to aspire to.    All our kids hear and see on a daily basis is political
disagreement vehemently voiced.   Negative accusations are common place.  Positive results to problems are nonexistent.   I am tired of listening to the demeaning rhetoric.  Why would a young person wish to be involved?   Trust me when I say;  and remember these words:  The current style of leadership will lead to not only financial destruction for this nation but the current political climate is a harbinger to a far greater seriousness than debt and declining gross national product.  If left unchecked it will lead to the destruction of our precious nation from within.  Read your history.  Look up history of Rome.  Oh;  I forgot.  History isn't important prior 1800.