Saturday, March 20, 2010


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Today was almost a total bust for me.  I took the Gheenoe down to the lake and noticed the brakes on the truck becoming gradually softer and softer.  I checked it out when I got to the boat ramp and saw brake fluid on the inside of the left front wheel.  It was a leaky wheel cylinder.  That ended the  activity for the day.  I picked up the necessary parts and repaired the wheel cylinder.  The day was half over so I thought I would take a motorcycle ride up the Cherohala Skyway to Indian Boundary Lake to see how many tourists had invaded that pristine place.  By the way;  that is a tortous shell above.   A box turtle found an early demise.  A closer look at the empty shell is below:

There were campers in the camping area at Indian Boundary Lake.   This isn't unusual accept the camping area doesn't open until April.  Tourists;  ya gotta love em. 

The parking lot by the boat ramp, left, was full of bustling tourists chasing kids and yelling at the top of their lungs trying to control their little gremlins who were into everything.  Plastic kayaks were on the tops of cars and a couple of kids were floundering along near the shoreline in bright yellow and orange one man kayaks splashing along haphazardly near the boat ramp.

I snapped a quick picture of the left side of the campground.  I didn't want to drive in there.  I saw and heard enough to know that I wouldn't have anymore trips to Indian Boundary Lake this year.  I would wait until late Fall before coming back here.  I wanted to take just a picture or two of the lake before I left.  There were no people on the lake's main body of water.

This is how I want to remember it.  I'll be back in the Fall.

I drove back home and decided to take the dogs down to the lake trail.  There was, maybe, two hours of sun light left and there was no sense wasting it.  The dogs would appreciate the little break in their boreing days behind the fence.

Nothing like a swim after a long winter

I love these two guys.  I am lucky.  They also are very lucky.  They get to live their lifes like dogs were meant to live them.  I can't imagine either one of these two free spirits chained to a pole or left to their own means behind a fence and forgotten. 

Yes;  Happy was along.  Look at the size of that stick she retrieved.

These guys are a team.  They are of different breeds but, they don't see the difference.  They are blind to size and breed.  Humans could learn a lesson from dogs, I think.

We walked along the lake and onto the trail we hiked a week ago when we searched for a cave on a cliff that we couldn't find.  Today, however, we would stay near the water.  This is a beautiful place and I think I will bring the children here more frequently.  I love the ruins area but a guy has been using the area to train beagles.  I have seen him there with upwards of twelve beagles at a time.  What a racket!  Not a bird, squirrel or deer will be in the area with all that noise.

The trail goes through a farmer's property and he has built steps that go over the tall fence that keeps his cows from escaping.   It is a unique way to cross a fence.

Shade ain't a dumb black lab.  She takes the easiest path through the fence.  That would be over it.  Look at her.   There are five fence crossings and she goes over each set of steps she comes to.  Douglas, on the other hand, crawls under the fence.  There is a difference in those two.  Douglas is sharp as a tack in some areas; Shade in others.  They compliment each other and are a real team when in the woods.  Love em.

Here's a closer look at the steps over the fence.  I am amazed at the quality of the trail accessories I find.  Benches, steps and bridges are all top quality.

Winter is done for sure.  The signs are everywhere.

The evening is quiet.  The masses that were on the lakes in boats have been driven off for the most part by the chill of evening. 
Everything is peaceful.  I really wanted to do some lake photography from the boat but I am enjoying the time with my friends out here along the lake.  The rains are moving in tomorrow so I don't know if I'll get on the lake or not.  I want to check on the Bald Eagles down on the river below Tellico Dam.  Maybe I can get on the water if the rain holds off till mid afternoon.  We are supposed to have a fairly serious blow tomorrow.  We'll see how tomorrow shakes out when it gets here.  Catch ya later.