Friday, April 1, 2011


It's a chilly day at the old state park and I can't seem to stay comfortably warm.   The past three weeks have been an ordeal for me trying to deal with this sciatic nerve situation.  Numerous visits to the chiropractor have not produced the desired results and the pain has increased to the point I can't lay down on either the bed or the floor.
This has driven me to the medical doctor and the order for an MRI.  The first MRI visit was a lost effort as I couldn't lay down upon the MRI table due to  the intense pain.  A visit to my MD and some super pain medications resulted in a successful MRI scan the following day.  I'll have to wait until Monday to see the neurologist.  So, that's the update on me.  I posted this because I have been receiving well wishes emails from a lot of folks who read this blog.  I appreciate each and every one.  Thank you so much for the concern.

I have been sleeping in a chair for the past two weeks so, my energy level is down a bit due to lack of sleep.  I am trying to keep active and stay in touch with the outdoor activities and critters I love so much.  It is a bit of a chore.  My dogs are going crazy confined to the premises and I have to get them out.  I will take them  today  for a short outing.

My real disappointment is that I am missing all the bald eagle activity down on the river.  The eagles have been sitting on eggs and I wouldn't doubt they are hatched by now.  I can hardly stand not being there and photographing the comings and goings of the adults.  If I can make these legs move with a little less pain;  I'll launch the Gheenoe on a "quiet, calm water day" and take a float down by their nesting tree.  I have to be careful because if I should for some reason fall into the water;  I doubt I would be able to swing my right leg up and over the side of the boat to re-enter.  Stepping off the dock onto the boat should be no problem.  Exiting wouldn't be an issue either as long as the water was calm.  I'll think about it.

 I sure miss them.  But, I have these memories you see here.