Saturday, April 2, 2011


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I like old buildings and I've admired this place for years.  It has, well, character.  I love it.  There are out buildings on the property that have even more character.  Check out this old, old house that is standing about a hundred yards from this, the "new" house. 
Is this place not sweet?  Old construction is marvelous.  Places are built entirely using real crafted materials, mostly wood.  The occasional metal roof can be found on an old structure but they are used mostly to replace the original wooden roofs that can no longer stand the stresses of age.

If this was my property, I'd sit on the front porch and just admire this old house you see here to the right and above.  To me it's beautiful.  Modern homes have pre-fab this and that and assemblies can be purchased to just bolt on for instant porches, supports, overhangs, shutters etc.  But, these old places display craftsmanship.  That's something that is becoming a lost virtue in these times.
The barn to the left sits far over to the right of the newer house.  It also is mostly original construction.  A patchwork of tin covers what undoubtedly was rotten wood from original construction.  Still, it is a great looking old barn.  What a great old property!

I'm feeling pretty good today.  The pain in my leg is a mild ache and I've decided to take the dogs out for a bit of exercise.  The temperature is about 70 degrees with a gusty wind blowing.  At times the gusts are strong but, that's alright.  It's sunny and the sky's are blue.  The dogs haven't been out since my sciatic nerve problem hit about three weeks ago and they are going stir crazy, as am I.

I threw the camera back pack into the truck and headed to the old state park with the dogs.  I doubted there would be many, if any, bird photo opportunities with all this wind but I'd have the camera with me if I did see something worth a picture.

I didn't want to walk too far as I didn't know how the leg and back would react to walking.  I went slow with short steps to be on the safe side.  My back was aching by the time I got to the old ruins foundation.  I decided to take a break and get the back pack off.  That camera with the 500mm lens is a heavy load and the bottom of the back pack was resting on the belt area of my back.  It didn't feel bad but, my back was becoming tired in that area and aching a bit.

It sure felt good to be out here in the sun and the breeze.  I couldn't live long if confined to indoors for whatever reason.  Above all I wanted to be on the water.  It draws me like a powerful magnet.  I love it.  For now, I'm enjoying this time out here with my dog friends.  They've found a mud hole to wallow in.  Great Scott!  I'll have to walk them down to the lake for a swim and a bath.  I didn't want to walk that far today but they are filthy----and happy.
Douglas is in his element.  His eyes are shining and I could swear I saw a smile on his immovable muzzle.

That's my sweet boy!
I met a nice couple at the ruins who were canoeists and we had a nice chat about historical areas we've all visited at one time or another.  I brought them up to date on the history of the ruins area and chatted in general about things we had in common.  It was a nice break in the afternoon visiting with them.  I hope to see them on the water sometime.

The wind is up and it's blowing the water into near white cap proportion.  I love to hear the wind howling through the trees and watching the water respond to it's force.  Douglas seems to enjoy swimming against the current created by the strong gusts. 

They are all happy kids when they are out here.  They will run happy laps to and from the water's edge shortly.

This is a delightful day for me.  It's the first relatively pain free day I've had in three weeks.  I don't want to over do the exercise.  The old back is aching now and I think it prudent to head for the truck.
It is to be near 80 degrees tomorrow and I'd dearly love to be on the boat at some point during the day.  The canoe is out for awhile.  I doubt I could handle it under the circumstances.  But the motor boat, Gheenoe, I think would work out fine, although the doctor said not to go out on the boat.  It's hard not being out there.  I have an appointment with the neurologist on Monday to find out what the procedure will be to correct this sciatic nerve ailment.  The MRI was completed two days ago.  So, that's all I can do.  This blog entry isn't very exciting but, its another good day in the outdoors and another memory I have to reflect upon as time passes by.   I have a suspicion that things will get a lot better quickly and I'll be back to my old self before long.  Thanks for looking in and stay safe and above all, healthy...