Wednesday, April 27, 2011


East Tennessee is getting it's share of dangerous weather and today, the entire day, was filled with tornado warnings on top of each other.   The warnings are still in effect and will be until 1AM.   The first series of storms contained extremely high winds and more rain than I can ever remember seeing.  The winds tore a section of metal off the East corner of the roof.  When the winds started, the sky to the East was clear and almost white but, to the South West a very dark gray sky was moving toward this little town at a frightening speed with the gray clouds slowly turning into each other.  The tornado siren started sounding and would not stop.  A series of very bad storm cells was located at the town of Madisonville, twenty minutes from my town of Greenback, and moving directly this way at 65 miles per hour.  Two tornado's were spawned from that storm.  Somehow, someway, they skirted past Greenback and moved on toward Maryville following Route 411 North which is a quarter mile from this place.  The tornado that hit Greenback last month did much the same thing.  My front door swings in and when the wind started I was standing in the yard.  By the time I got to the door and tried to shut it, I found I had to lean all my weight against it to get it closed.  That's when the roof section blew off the corner of the habitat.  As fast as the rains came;  they stopped and not a leaf on a tree moved.  Shortly after, another gray mass formed and another torrential downpour started with high wind.  After that passed I thought it was over.  But no.  Another storm hit just awhile ago.  With the high winds came hail.  I must be living right.  This is the second close call for tornados that just missed.  I took a couple videos of the hail stones falling.  It's almost night time so the video isn't perfect but, you get the idea.  I haven't checked my truck yet for dents and mostly I'm worried about the little Gheenoe boat.  That's most important.
Oh;  if you listen carefully you can hear the danger siren blaring;  and the cat.  I guess the video is pretty dark.  The splashing you see in the puddles isn't rain.  It's hail stones. The white spots on the ground are hail stones.  They're of a fair size.   Uploaded video quality leaves a lot to be desired.

This place has been turned into a mud hole.
 Greenback, Tennessee had two more tornado warnings within the past hour, one of which looked like a direct hit would occur.  At one point I thought about loading the dogs in the truck and heading North but, there were warnings and reports of tornadoes in that direction.  Storms and tornado warnings put the South out of the picture and East had tornado warnings.  May as well just sit it out here.  This last tornado warning produced a lightning display such as I've never seen or could imagine.  High winds and blasting rain but; no tornado as of yet.  There are two more hours left in the tornado warning period and the line of storms should be past this town at least.  The night skies are on fire.  What a night!