Thursday, April 7, 2011


I have reduced the sizing of the photographs so they don't enlarge to a proportion that renders them not clear and crisp.  The photos are uploading at 800 X 600 instead of 1024 X 768.  I noticed the eagle pictures were unclear and didn't have the quality I enjoy seeing.  Just throwing that out there...

It's been a painful yet interesting past three weeks.  Every day has been filled with excruciating pain.  Then, suddenly, yesterday morning, I awakened pain free.  I eased off the recliner chair I had been using for a bed the entire time and discovered no pain.  The old back miraculously alligned itself.  This morning's planned steroid shot was cancelled.

So, I'm two days now pain free.  I decided to take it easy today and simply spend time with the dogs.  A short walk brought an ache to the lower back.  It's better than the severe leg pain caused by a pinched nerve.  The scheduled therapy should handle the back ache.

I chose to walk to the ruins through the grassy fields.  It would be easier on the back.  The sun is very hot.  It's too hot for the dogs.  They are lingering in the shade provided by bushes.

Again, my thoughts return to snakes, copper heads to be precise.   I can't protect each dog all the time.  Some things one must leave to chance and luck.

I'm thinking I probably missed the whipporwills at the Chota Indian Monument.  They gather mid March to call to each other at that monument.  They start calling at 9PM sharp.  You can set your watch by them.  It's amazing!

I've mentioned the whipporwills elseware on this blog and won't go into the details again here.  I always wanted to anchor just off the shore line in a boat and lay back and just listen to the whipporwills song.  There is no way I could handle a boat  at night with intense pain.  Pain could and probably will return before long.  Night time boating requires total focus and pain will not allow that.

The old foundation of the ruins has a special antique quality about it today.  The sun is high and broken shadows cast by the trees strike the bricks just right to lend an old time flavor to their appearance.

I was sitting on one of the old porch steps here at the foundation watching the dogs.  When I stood up I felt that familier pain on the inside of my right thigh.  It was not sharp but feint.  It's letting me know that I almost had a relaps but, I worked it off.  A close one!

The short walk to this place did me in.  My lower back was aching badly.   At least it wasn't the debilitating pain in the right thigh.  I'm staying lucky today so far. 

The dogs were dying for a drink of water.  I walked this far so I may as well take them down the road that disappears into the lake and let them swim awhile.

The water held a beautiful color of blue.  The dogs took advantage of the lake by eagerly plunging into the cooling water.

Shade and Douglas would retreive sticks all day if I had that much energy to throw them out in the water.  What wonderful dogs!  Happy waits on shore to steal whatever sticks they bring in.

It was time to leave.  I was really feeling the low back pain but we would surely return soon.  I would stop twice on the way back to the truck.  I feel like an old man.  I hope I get over this sciatic thing soon..

The walk back up the old deserted road just about did me in.  A short rest at the top and the rest of the hike to the truck was uneventful.  I really think the dogs were ready to leave also.  I can't believe how hot it had become this afternoon.  I'm thankful for it!  If the back is still together and the weather tomorrow is like today; I'll take the Gheenoe out for a run on Tellico Lake.  I'm dying for a motorcycle ride but; I'm still afraid the sciatic pain will return.  It wouldn't do to be on a motorcycle when that pain hits.