Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I am enraged at the advertisement intrusion onto my blog without my asking or knowing about it.  If you look at the entry Calderwood a Disappointment, you'll see certain words printed in red and underlined.  I didn't do that or want it.  Unwanted advertising spam is doing that.  I can't understand how it is legal doing that considering all the laws we are carrying on our shoulders in this country.  I despise advertising - period.  There are enough hands in my pockets.  I can't get my own in there for anything and when I do there's nothing there.  I noticed almost invisible advertisement pictures floating around on the blog and downloaded "Ad Blocker" which took care of that.  I have no idea how to stop the highlighted words in red.  It's a shame one can't just be left alone in peace without someone trying to sell something in a despicable way.  If anyone has any ideas how to eliminate the red, underlined words (which are in reality, links to other sales sites) please let me know.  I apologize for the intrusion but, I'm at a loss how to rid the blog of these unwanted spam additions.  I just noticed words underlined and in red all over the blog, even in this paragraph I just wrote.  This is unacceptable!  I am enraged!  I won't accept it.  If I can't get rid of this crap I'm tossing this computer in the lake and quitting.  Why don't they just come on in the house through the front door and make themselves at home?  Got no patience with this junk.  None!